Limited Scope Representation – legal services “on a budget”

Often, clients in need of legal advice and representation do not seek services of an attorney due to various concerns – including the costs associated with those services.  They may believe that to hire an attorney requires a sizeable retainer and a commitment to that attorney for the duration of the legal matter – whether it is a law suit, a contract negotiation, a settlement discussion or legal advice about a current topic.  When faced with a legal problem, our office provides another route to consider in such times….

Illinois has adopted a model that addresses these concerns – limited scope representationIn any civil matter, a client can hire an attorney on a limited basis – provided that it is reasonable to consult on a limited basis and the client provides informed consent for such representation.  This new option greatly expands the opportunity for many who would not otherwise seek legal assistance.

Limited scope representation (“LSR“) can be tailored to meet the client’s objectives within the parameters available for the client – whether it is financial, time or otherwise.  LSR can be employed in non-court situations:  drafting communications, business negotiations and contracts, settlement discussions, general advise regarding particular topics (estate planning, business formation, etc.).  LSR can also be used in litigation situations:  appearing in court for a specific purpose, drafting pleadings and correspondence, general guidance on the court process.  In fact, attorneys who appear in court have specific rules governing an appearance that formalized the limited scope of the representation – and the attorney’s withdrawal at the appropriate time.

In our current climate, legal needs in our communities have increased – from employment changes and business re-organizations to real estate situations and estate planning (including powers of attorney).  Do not avoid contacting an attorney because you think your issue cannot be addressed in a manner within your financial constraintsOur office has a variety of services available – including general legal guidance on various topics and limited representation on documents or litigation situations.